Terms & Conditions

By submitting an ad, campaign statistics, credits, or other supporting materials or information (collectively, your “Submission”) to the Facebook Innovation Spotlight, you agree to the following, and you also agree that you are subject to and will comply with the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, including all referenced terms and policies, such as the Advertising Guidelines and the Brand Use Guidelines.

Your Submission should demonstrate:

  • How well it solves a business challenge
  • Client results
  • Innovative thinking, uniqueness
  • The size of the addressable market
  • Comply with our format and technical guidelines and specifications.

You are responsible for complying with the following:

  • Make sure all information contained in your Submission is complete and accurate.
  • Ensure you have the right to upload the Submission. This includes getting all necessary permissions from any person or company that has rights in the Submission, including the client for whom it was created, the Agency or third party that created it, the owner of the copyright in the Submission, any third party whose materials, intellectual property, name, voice, or likeness appears in the Submission.
  • Ensure that the display of your Submission on or by Facebook (e.g., on the Facebook for business sites) complies with any third-party licenses, or talent, union or guild obligations (and their respective plans), or any restrictions on use or display of your Territory as to time, territory, or medium. You are responsible for any payments to any third party (e.g., talent or licensing fees) that may be due in connection with the submission or display of your Submission to Facebook.
  • You must not send your Submission to (or if it is already posted, must remove from) Facebook if you are not able to comply with any of these Terms.

You also acknowledge that:

  • We may share aggregated information related to your Submission, such as your scores to help improve Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight, our products and/or services. We may also use information we collect in other ways described in the Facebook Data Use Policy.We will not share with third parties any confidential client information without notifying you and obtaining your consent.
  • Some functions of Facebook Innovation Spotlight may be hosted by Facebook’s third-party providers, including video submissions, which may be hosted by a third party and streamed to the site. As stated in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Section 2.1, the license you grant to Facebook by uploading your Submission includes the right for Facebook to transfer and sublicense to these third parties, including allowing them to perform their obligations in connection with hosting and streaming videos on Facebook.
  • We may periodically send you emails about the service, including communications about your account, notifications, and newsletters.
  • You grant Facebook all rights necessary to use your Submission for marketing or promotional purposes. We will publicize the winning solutions and case studies at public events like Cannes or AdWeek. All campaign metrics of the campaign will be available to use during external presentations, installations, or marketing material of Facebook Innovation Spotlight.
  • You are submitting to the Facebook Innovation Spotlight to have the opportunity to have your work featured internally within Facebook. We may also feature your work more prominently on facebook.com, facebookmarketingpartners.com, or on other sites. We may also from time to time review work on the site and recognize and reward the best work in general or by certain categories (eg. Region, country, objective, etc.).
  • You grant Facebook all rights necessary to use your Submission for marketing or promotional purposes.
  • We will be running ad credits on behalf of the winners of Excellence in Innovation and Innovator of the Year.
  • We may disqualify Submissions for any reason, including if you do not comply with any of these Terms, the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, or the Advertising Guidelines.
  • We may modify your Submission, including for spelling and grammar, before posting your Submission to the site.
  • We may stop accepting Submissions or offering the Facebook Innovation Spotlight, temporarily or permanently, at any time for any reason.
  • These Submission Terms are subject to change at any time.

Facebook Innovation Spotlight

The Facebook Innovation Spotlight program is not an accredited course of any kind. A Facebook Innovation Spotlight award is not intended and should not be construed to imply any particular certification from Facebook and is not an express or implied endorsement of the credential holder or their skills in any way.