New Categories. Better Process. More Innovation.

This year Spotlight is broken into three competitions that will run in succession.
We'll award a winner from each competition.


Who can enter?

Any developer, agency or Partner program participant building a technology or providing a service on any of our marketing APIs or native interfaces, such as Power Editor, can enter. We’re looking for innovations that deliver unique value to our marketers, such as improved workflow, cross-channel capabilities or quality creative content at scale. If you’re making things better for our marketers, please tell us about it.

How will you stand out?

Here’s what we’re looking for in winning submissions.

Client Results
  • How well does your technology or service drive real results for clients?
  • How easy is your technology or service to use?
  • How well does it solve a business challenge?
  • How compelling is your case study?
Innovative Thinking and Uniqueness
  • How unique is your technology or service, versus what's in the marketplace?
  • When compared to similar company’s solutions, how differentiated is your product or service?
  • How clever and inventive is your technology or service in solving old and new problems?
Addressable Market Size
  • Does your technology or service target a large opportunity or is it niche in scope?
  • Does your technology or service have a clear target audience?
  • Does your product or service reach other countries? How so?
  • Are regional nuances taken into consideration?

Who will be the next great innovator? It might be you.

Enter your best work.